Amazing results and huge changes | homeopathy

I love homeopathy and I am continually amazed that with one little pill I can help people change their lives so significantly for the better. I am amazed and excited by the power of homeopathy to help ordinary people, like you and I, to make huge changes in our lives so that we can improve our situations and feel good. It can help us get through our normal [and sometimes difficult] day to day stuff in a better way.


Passion to improve lives

I love the fact that I can help people to improve their lives. Yes, it is my passion and it is what I love to do every day and I am grateful for it. I strive to improve my skills and knowledge every single day and I want to do the very best I can so that many, many, of my patients can be freed from some of the things that are holding them back


Be the best you can be

Just imagine if you were the very best you could be. Wouldn't it be brilliant and totally fantastic? Think of all the people who would be affected by that in a positive way and all of whom would benefit by just being in contact with you. When one person in a household makes changes for the better it affects everyone in the house. I have seen the wonderful progress people have made after getting help in my practice and I feel good.


Health and wellbeing

If you want to improve your health and well being I will be absolutely delighted to work with you.


Please phone for an appointment on  086-1943877 and the best time is between 9.15 and 9.45 a.m.


Qualifications | ISHom | abilities a unique blend

I am registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths. I studied at The Irish School of Homeopathy, Dublin, Ireland. I attended the Society of Homeopaths conference in UK in 2014 and The Homeopathic Conference in Toronto in 2014. Homeopathy is my first love.


I have Diplomas in Business Studies, in Legal Studies and I am a qualified Barrister and a Member of The Honorable Society of King's Inns in Ireland. I am familiar with research and excellent at finding appropriate remedies that make huge differences to my patients.


I listen to motivational speakers and attend seminars and sometimes this is useful for my patients. I attended seminars by Dr. John Arden called 'Rewire your Brain' and by Bruce Lipton 'The Biology of Belief' in 2014.


I am a graduate of the Landmark Forum 2014.  I have completed the Landmark seminars on a) Forum in Action 2) Relationships 3) Velocity and completed the Communications Curriculum ie Access to Power & Power to Create [2015] and completed Team1 of The Team Management & Leadership Program in Aug 2016. [I felt I had what I needed then.] I organised the first introduction talk to the Landmark Forum in Co. Kerry. It was received really well. [Landmark is all about transformation and empowering people and communities.] It therefore sits really well with what homeopathy is about.



Best homeopathy service possible

I wish all of you who read this page well in everything you do. I am here to help and I definitely provide the very best service possible.