Conditions which can be treated with homeopathy are unlimited and include, in Alphabetic order:



With oneself, with others, with the role of others; causes of anger; whether anger kept in or explosive; triggers causing the anger might include: a location, a person, an authoritive figure, a place with sad or difficult memories, or other;

Anger Management; Irritability in all its forms and guises


Arthritis: The two main forms are:

Rheumatoid or inflammatory arthritis and Osteoarthritis;

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is more common and seems to affect more women than men. It is the one where the cartilage at the end of the bones in your joints deteriorates over time, becomes rough and eventually you may have bone rubbing on bone and the joint becomes very painful.



We generally treat this by looking at the personal and family history and the individual nature of the symptoms, including aggravating causes etc. Then we seek out a remedy that is unique to that person at that time.


Bangs and Bruises:

Homeopathy is totally brilliant for treating bangs and bruises from whatever cause and this is often how people first discovers homeopathy and see how effectively it works


Children's illnesses; Developmental, Behavioural and School problems:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); Hyperactivity; Concentration problems ( gazing out the window; concentration gone at certain times of the day or energy down after coming home from school; apparent Slow Learning children but sometimes they just need to put things in order or a little time to appreciate the new information); Unusual Behaviour or habits;

Trauma suffered or something which has affected behaviour either known or unknown e.g. an issue since moving house, a separation or divorce in the family; Nightmares; Earaches; Measles; Mumps; Tonsils; Chickenpox; Fevers; Dentition including abscesses which can prevent the dentist from doing work but for which homeopathy can help; Bedwetting;

Everyday things like minor burns or bruises can be dealt with on the spot with homeopathy and you can deal with some of these yourself with a little bit of information and without the need to go to a homeopath. Often we can help when problems have arisen with vaccination and this can be discussed at consultation. Each person is totally different and we do not know how an individual will respond or how deeply they have been affected.


At the Irish Homeopathy Centre we strive to give the best possible care in the gentlest manner. 


Chronic diseases that linger for years and those life changing Acute illnesses that hit you one day seemingly out of the blue and sometimes require urgent medical attention; Yes, homeopathy can help you even in these situations either at the beginning or to help you cope as your treatment progresses. Homeopathy can also be of benefit if you choose not to have orthodox or conventional treatment for a serious illness but we would like you to have at minimum a diagnosis from a GP or consultant depending on your complaint. This we will discuss at consultation if it arises.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Tiredness:

We note the presenting symptoms in each person's case and choose the appropriate remedy for their unique situation.


Concentration difficulties re examinations or resulting from accidents in sport or other.


Digestive Disorders including 'so called Irritable Bowel disease':

Constipation; Crohn's disease; Haemorrhoids; Varicose veins; Ulcers; Dyspepsia, Reflux. Acute Diarrhoea; Food poisoning; Stomach problems from over indulgence; Hot burning pains; cramps;



A variety of remedies can benefit depending on symptoms and if it is a recurring problem then a constitutional remedy [one that suits the whole person] can benefit. The earache maybe a side effect of Tonsillitis or gland problems and will be treated accordingly.


Emotional issues:

Concerning family; issues around study or work whether it is a struggle to go there everyday or a matter of authority or being overburdened or pressurized with work; Stress or Panic attacks re study or work or being at home or out of work or even Sleep related problems; Insomnia;


Examination Nerves or anticipation problems can be helped too.


Female issues:

Pregnancy; stretch marks; pains after episiotomy/ stitches; baby nursing/ Breastfeeding; Menstrual, Menopausal, Hormonal problems; Fertility; Cystitis; Thrush; Vaginismus; Indifference to partner or children without an obvious reason or after a new baby can be eased so that normal living can be appreciated once more; Loss of hair a month or two after giving birth can be treated with safe remedies.



There are a number of acute remedies available and one homeopath in the last century dedicated a huge part of his practice to the successful treatment of this problem. I am very familiar with the remedies used and have had great success in treating it. Your problem may be resolved before the  results of your blood tests will be back to your doctor.



This can be a death and not need a homeopathic remedy (or a conventional sleeping pill) as it is a normal process in life. It can be where the grieving person is unable to readjust their life a considerable time after a death and as homeopaths we know that people are different in their needs and grief time. It can be a loss of any kind which can even apply to a child who has moved from an old home to a new home with the loss of a friend or animal or a toy.

It can be a hurt which was inflicted upon a person which they believe was wrong and they cannot let it go even many years later. They might not even have been involved. The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.




This can be recent or it can go back many years and can have any number of causes most of which can be helped once we know the cause and often without knowing the cause.


Headache / Migraine:

There are many remedies dealing with the types of headache and both acute and constitutional remedies can and will definitely help. Headaches can be from: Overeating, a full Stomachs, too much fat / ice cream, sorrow, emotion, grief, worry, a fall or concussion, exposure to the sun, a blur before the eyes with throbbing and shooting in the forehead with nausea and vomiting of sour food; anticipation and excitement in children promised a treat; or can be due to 'nerves' from anticipation, fear, and effects of sudden surprises which make one weak, faint and exhausted. There are many other different symptoms which can present to make the headache unique to you and require another remedy.


Hayfever / Allergies:

These can be treated constitutionally i.e. a remedy that resonates with the 'whole of you' and deals with the allergy by giving an overall boost to the immune system and helping its defenses. They can also be treated acutely i.e. a homeopathic remedy taken when needed to match specific symptoms, and that will alleviate or reduce the symptoms significantly. This can be quite difficult as symptoms may be changing and the symptoms may recur unless the acute remedy matches the constitutional remedy in which case the effect will be a dramatic improvement. This does happen. This dramatic improvement can also occur when the constitutional remedy is well chosen and its characteristics match those of the person very closely.



After injuries / open wounds /operations/ hospital treatment [hospital acquired] that will not heal or will not succumb to normal medical treatment can very often be helped with homeopathic remedies and in this practice we have a herbal remedy available to our patients which when combined with homeopathic remedies can be really helpful.


Low Self Esteem:

Feeling inadequate in some way or feeling unable to cope; maybe Depression; under a dark cloud; Feeling alone; Isolating oneself from friends or family; Away from home and finding it difficult to manage; Away from friends; out of your comfort zone; no one to talk to ; Break Up with a loved one; loss of a loved one;


Male problems:

Issues with authority, ego, criticism, anger; conquests; Performance; Retraction; Premature ejaculation; Impotence; Lack of interest; Promiscuity; Prostate; Fainting; Coitus interruptus problems; Fertility; Urinary problems; Violence; Abuse; Father / Parent; Partner; Work; Driven to achieve; Hair loss;

The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help with all of these issues.  


Older People / Senior citizens can be helped in many ways with Homeopathy.

There may be issues or concerns that they may be carrying for years that they need a little bit of help with just to let them go. These same concerns they can also deal with when they feel stronger and more capable after homeopathic treatment. The process of talking and telling the 'story' in the homeopathic consultation can be the first step towards freedom in whatever way. There are homeopathic remedies which can assist with many acute problems which the older person can experience just like everyone else and also with problems of :

Memory, Urinary infections, Incontinence problems, Senility, Vertigo with unstableness on feet, Fractures and Bone problems, Bed sores [in hospital or at home], Cramps in calves and soles of feet, hard or SORE GUMS, Sadness, Guilt and Regrets for things in the past or maybe just a longing for ' the good old days',


Older people | loneliness |dependence on others

For many older people dependence on others and loneliness is a big problem and finding people who have time to talk, at your discretion, can be difficult. Maybe with homeopathic assistance you may choose to make some changes in your routine which may bring you into contact with others without losing your independence.


Panic attacks:

These can be helped significantly with acute remedies and constitutional remedies very often reduce the occurrence before removing the problem completely. If there is a 'trigger event' this will be looked at in the choice of constitutional remedy.



There are a number of acute treatments / remedies which can make a huge difference and even get you back walking in severe cases in a very short time. Piles can be internal, external, bleeding, painful, not painful, large or small, be related to foods eaten or omitted, pregnancy, constipation, or other factors.   


Relationship issues:

Communication difficulties with one another; Roles in the relationship re partner / parents/ children re daily duties / obligations / money; Jealousy; Boundaries; personality issues; bullying or victims of bullying at home or in work / in adulthood or as children; Person is great at work but a tyrant at home; Issues around being pregnant or being a mother or father; Fears the responsibility of parenthood or 'of ending up like ones own parent';

Fears of a break up; Fears not good enough; Other Fears real or perceived; Working constantly (to keep the peace at home); Impotence;  Sexual difficulties for Male and Female; Infertility or difficulty getting pregnant; Obsessions of various kinds including cleaning, tidying, new furniture, dust...; 

Our feelings are valid and if we choose to change the way we look at things we can change how we feel about them. The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Self Image:

Eating disorders; feeling inadequate; feeling that certain parts of your body are not beautiful, are too big or too small or are 'wrong' for you in some way or other or that they are 'ruining your life'; There are natural substances that can cause this kind of specific anxiety or upset and so there are natural safe homeopathic remedies that can be of help in dealing with these issues without the need for drastic expensive surgery. At The Irish Homeopathy Centre we know many of these remedies and we will do all in our power to be of assistance. We will give you time so that we will appreciate the symptoms you describe and then endeavour to find them in a safe natural remedy that is particular to you and your needs.


Self image and our feelings

We should remember that we are entitled to our feelings. Sometimes we may need to consider why things or people give rise to these feelings in us so that we can find a way out of a situation which may be unhealthy or dangerous for us. As homeopaths we try to accept people as they present and we listen with the aim of finding a gentle way to help. Hahnemann, the modern man of homeopathy, in a book called 'Organon of Medicine' said, in one of his concise statements, called aphorisms, ' the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health .... in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way'. We always strive to do this in The Irish Homeopathy Centre.


Skin Problems: in all its forms can be helped by homeopathy even for dry skin or to help reduce physical scars/


Sports injuries with natural homeopathic remedies

Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, Sprains, Cartilage, Ligaments, Bones, Frequent dislocations, Repetitive Strain injury, old injuries, Mobility problems, Hip / Knee problems whether from an injury or a fall; Concentration problems; Concussion;

Fractures or broken bones: remember you will still need to attend hospital or centre for an X-ray or to re-align the bone but the process of healing can be speeded up by the use of these Natural and Homeopathic remedies and Pain can be much reduced. The only problem with reducing the pain or taking it away before you go to hospital is that you may be left longer in the queue as your injury might not be considered serious if you are not complaining. So have it checked out first and insist on an X-Ray if you suspect a fracture and have already taken remedies for the pain. Your health and safety is important.



Warts can occur anywhere on the body and the location of the warts is an indicator of the remedy needed. Homeopathic remedies are very effective in treating warts and are generally given in tiny pill form that is safe for children and adults. The overall boosting of the immune system by a constitutional remedy will benefit significantly.


Weight problems, Obesity; Anorexia; Sudden weight loss/gain:

Many of these problems are caused by emotional upsets and known causes others can be from outwardly unknown causes. The process of case taking can often elicit information which, even in itself, allows for a different understanding and a greater awareness of what is involved. Often an outsider, like a homeopath, without preconditions or pre conceived ideas may discover a key to the problem which can make a difference in approach and in the manner of treatment. Often that process needs time for a better outcome. We give that time.


Wetting, bed wetting, incontinence:

Problems :arising after getting wet or soaked in the rain or sitting on damp ground and 'not well since' getting wet can be helped. Bed wetting / incontinence can be helped and even partial deafness from getting the ears wet in the shower or in diving can be helped too.


General information: Generally Homeopathic remedies are given in the form of a small tablet or pill which is pleasant tasting and which children like taking.Sometimes it is just one pill and other times it might be taken for a period of time. All this depends on the circumstances in each case, including the length of time the person has the problem.

Regardless of what the issue is the process is similar i.e. to find a remedy that if given in a raw state would cause the turmoil or health issue to the patient that is similar to that which he is experiencing.


Do not come off prescribed medication.

The homeopathic remedies do not interfere with medication prescribed by your doctor and we DO NOT advise people to come off medication which has been prescribed for them.


It is helpful for us to get full details of the problem but just do the best you can and we will work with you to find the remedy.