The Irish Homeopathy Centre

52 Shanliss Road Dublin 9 Ireland. Telephone 086 194 3877

Kevin Kearney  ISHom - principal
Kevin Kearney ISHom - principal


The Irish Homeopathy Centre is run by its principal homeopath, Kevin Kearney.  He is a qualified practitioner registered with The Irish Society of Homeopaths.



Kevin has been practising homeopathy for over 30 years.


He has completed post graduate courses in homeopathy and attended numerous Homeopathy Conferences including one in Toronto 2014.



Safe, natural, healthy remedies

His aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of his very special clients without the use of toxins and in a safe natural and healthy way.


Stress, anxiety, children, older people

Some of the issues he deals with are stress, anxiety, problems of children and older people and relationship problems.


Cellulite treatment  | Skin care for Bride 

Kevin has now obtained a limited supply of a new safe homeopathic cream to help reduce the appearance of cellulite & he has copies of the book 'Conquering Cellulite' by Dr. Delia Simu HD, MD. which also includes many suggestions to avoid the incidence of cellulite. He is looking forward to the results from this special cream which has had remarkable results abroad.

If you have an event coming up give this 4-6 weeks and decide for yourself if it makes a difference. Cellulite, fatty deposits


Call Kevin on 086-1943877 or click on email us on the right hand side of webpage or go to contact page on mobile version.


Public transport

The centre is located in Santry and is conveniently situated on[or close to] the 1, 104, 16, 16A, 17A, 41, 33, 4, 83, 9, 11 & 44, bus routes and is just 5 minutes walk from the main Swords Road and the Omni Shopping Centre. It is also a short distance from DCU, Collins Avenue entrance and the Bus Eirerann 109.