Cellulite | Skin condition | dimpling & wrinkling of the skin.


Dr Delia Simu in her book Conquering Cellulite  A doctor’s plan for a healthier, sexier, toned figure says that ‘Cellulite is an accumulation of fatty deposits below the skin that produces dimpling & wrinkling of the involved region of the body, most often affecting the hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, stomach and the back of the neck. ….’  She quotes a variety of sources for her research and guidance.


Cellulite | Painful as well as cosmetic


Did you know that most women and young ladies are affected by cellulite at some stage in their lives? For some it is really painful. Yes, it is not just cosmetic. Either way it can restrict the lives of huge numbers of people. It can restrict the clothes you wear so that others do not see it. It can be embarrassing. It affects confidence and can lead to issues around your appearance and self-esteem. When on holidays it can restrict the kind of clothes and style of swim wear or even prevent you from enjoying the sea and sunbathing. It can affect self-confidence even in the bedroom or at the beginning of a new relationship. Cellulite can have a major influence and it is an issue that affects women & ladies of all ages and sizes. Contrary to popular belief it is not just overweight women who have cellulite. Thin women are also prone to it, according to Dr. Simu.


Reducing Cellulite


You can reduce cellulite. In fact you can improve it significantly. How? With this homeopathic cream, called 'AlphaCellulite', that is available on consultation at the Irish Homeopathy Centre. It contains a number of homeopathic remedies which are totally safe and focussed on getting results. This is the only place you can get it in Ireland and I have a stock of it. The reason I have a stock of it is because I believe it is an extraordinary product that will make a real difference, improve the quality of lives and it will do so in a safe way without side effects. I have met with and personally spoken to Dr. Simu on a number of occasions about this product and I believe it makes a difference.


Hints and Tips re Cellulite


In her book Dr. Simu also gives hints and tips on a variety of ways to prevent and reduce cellulite and even has suggestions on clothes etc. that are presently restricting blood flow and thus contributing to the formation of cellulite and which you can do something about. She refers to stresses and lifestyle.


Cellulite | diet suggestions


She has suggestions on diet, protein requirements and food sources in her book which is thoroughly researched and contains a lot of helpful advice for treating and preventing cellulite.


Special event, Holiday, Wedding, Party, Christmas,


If you have an event coming up give this treatment 4-6 weeks and decide for yourself if it makes a difference. Give yourself the freedom to be you ie. without the restrictions of image, embarrassment, confidence, etc. you have imposed on yourself 


AlphaCellulite Cream | Alpha-Cell


The cream was formulated by Dr. Delia Simu, Homeopath, HD, MD Europe. All the active ingredients were thoroughly researched and chosen by her.


'The Four Year Study                       Over the course of four years, Simu conducted case studies with over 2500 women between the ages of 14 and 65. The participants were asked to use Alpha-Cell, twice a day, everyday and were encouraged to follow a high protein diet & exercise. However, 90% of the women studied did not follow the diet or exercise program and only used Alpha-Cell. “The size of most of the women’s bodies did not change but their skin showed a reduction in cellulite and a smoother and firmer exterior,” says Simu.” After using Alpha-Cell for just two weeks the women started to see an improvement and the appearance of lumps and bumps continued to dissipate with time. Overall the participants saw an 80% improvement in areas affected by cellulite.'



Cellulite cream & book and where to get it


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