Relationship counselling /marriage guidance

This practice  introduces a new energy because we can give remedies to assist change. Our attitude is different and the service is confidential.


The word marriage in this article includes cohabitants.

When you really want something with a passion then the Universe will always help you get it. That applies to making changes too and to make changes you must actively do something to show your intent. Visiting this practice is beginning the process.


Liberating and Empowering Communication

Sometimes one partner may not be capable of giving the contribution needed at that time but when people talk information often comes out which can be liberating and empowering. People can then reach a new accord. The balance can shift when one person makes a change. We regularly see that kind of change with homeopathy.


Lifes journey

We know that often people are simply at two different stages of the same journey and need to talk about the next leg so that they both know what is happening. Conditioning from the past can have an influence affecting one person more than the other and homeopathy can help one make the necessary course adjustments for the journey.


Motivational Speaker

One international motivational speaker says you are just one thought away from changing your life. He then asks ‘would you change that one thought’ if there was a chance to have the better outcome? Some do and make their lives infinitely better. You can too. Visiting this practice can begin the process.


Please ring for an appointment on 086-1943877.