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Homeopathy for school children


Children, who are having difficulty with concentration, daydreaming, clashes with teachers; inability to mix or who have drops in energy at specific times then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children whose parents had a difficult pregnancy or for whom traumatic events occurred during the pregnancy and there may be a parallel situation at school which causes a trauma.


Children who had difficult births or put in incubators after they were born. All these children can be helped at The Irish Homeopathy Centre


Children: going to the loo all day; afraid to go to loo; have mishaps; will not take off their coat, afraid to do things but yet very capable; will not share; will grab things from others; always angry and in trouble; disruptive; then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children who have a lack of confidence; are overweight; physically unable or unwilling to play sport or do certain activities; exhausted after some physical activity then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children who do not want to go to school; are frightened and afraid of the separation at the school gate or at the classroom, or are in difficult family situations: divorce, separations, house moving, or who miss their friends; then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children, whose appearance is always dirty looking, are always in dirt or mud or are eating the dirt or other similar habit or the opposite i.e. are afraid to get dirty, or are immaculately clean and have to be neat and tidy all the time then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children whose speech is not good; who stammer, stutter or cry easily, or cry to get their own way or may be manipulative then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help. There is help available to improve the quality of the lives you love or just to help children improve their communication skills and avoid being ‘picked on’.


Children who are always on best behaviour, easily contented and may be trying so hard not to get in trouble; children who try so hard not to be noticed and may even be teachers pet. The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children who are always disruptive, attention seeking, not very strong in mind or body so that it stifles their progress or have a disability which they allow to take over their lives then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.


Children may be bullying or be victims of bullying and The Irish Homeopathy Centre can make a significant difference.


Children who have eyesight problems, a lazy or drooping eye or even inflammation about the eye or a difficulty with reading a lot of fine print resulting in headaches or pain then The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help.  Yes, we can often help, even with some of those problems that are referred for surgery but we totally appreciate and accept the need for the expertise that conventional ‘doctors and surgeons’ can provide.

If you are told there is a need to have your child ‘Assessed’ because of school difficulties try homeopathy to alleviate the problem before your child gets caught up in the system and waiting lists and queues. Contact the Irish Homeopathy Centre on 0861943877


Overweight / underweight children, plump children; skinny children, athletic children, bright children, wonderful children, sometimes not so wonderful children, whatever the description or ‘problem’ or ‘difference’ all children are treated with dignity at The Irish Homeopathy Centre while we seek to find a remedy that will have a positive influence.


Children worried about their weight, their appearance, about failing to meet parents expectations, whatever the description, if there is a problem homeopathy may very well sort it out. Obviously we cannot guarantee success but in this practice we do our utmost to find a solution for the specific problem. That is why we come to work everyday i.e. to solve problems for people. You matter to us.


Children who seem to have the cares of the world on their shoulders or who are ‘little adults’ and are more comfortable with adults than children or who seem to be missing out on their childhood can benefit significantly from a visit to The Irish Homeopathy Centre.

Children who are really frightened about coming events including a visit to the dentist or doctor or any change in circumstances from the familiar can benefit too.

For problems of head lice, nits, children’s illnesses The Irish Homeopathy Centre can be of immense benefit.


There are many other ways that The Irish Homeopathy Centre can help children. Just ring for an appointment and begin the healing process.